What is mediation? How can the role of a mediator be described? What is the legal basis? – Questions that shaped the first module and thus the first weekend of mediation training. Imke Wulfmeyer has brought us 11 seminar participants closer to the topic of mediation, the procedure and the suitability of such an alternative conflict resolution procedure following theoretical blocks with practical examples, role plays and exercises for the visualization of processes. Highlights were the simulations of a court hearing and mediation, which brought the clear difference and the added value of a mediation to the point. The topics were worked on with a variety of methods, so that the many hours passed quickly: Walk talks, group work, visualizations on flip charts, simulations, power points, worksheets and self-tests offered variety and thus attracted the attention of all participants. The backgrounds of the seminar participants are also diverse, leading to many examples from various fields of work and also private situations. Already after module 1, new perspectives on conflicts and approaches to situations open up.