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CONSENSUS Campus is part of the CONSENSUS group.

With the areas of mediation and conflict resolution, managerial and team development as well as coaching and analysis and organizational development, the CONSENSUS Group deals with three aspects that are essential for the management and organizational development of companies, which complement and reinforce each other.

CONSENSUS offers companies a comprehensive range of services to answer all questions in the field of leadership and organizational development – scientifically based and tested through extensive practical experience.

Do you need mediation or are you looking for a team of experts for conflict resolution and dialogue processes? Then you can find more information here:

The team behind CONSENSUS Campus

Andrea Hartmann-Piraudeau

Dr. Andrea Hartmann-Piraudeau

Managing Director CONSENSUS GmbH

Andrea Hartmann-Piraudeau is a qualified mediator and International Mediation Institute (IMI) certified. She is conceptually and organizationally responsible for CONSENSUS Campus.

Your focus at CONSENSUS Campus is:

  • Internationalization
  • Digitization
  • Evaluation
  • Strategic future orientation

Alexandra Kieffer

Training supervision/coordination at CONSENSUS Campus

  • Double Masters in “Peace & Conflict Studies” in Marburg and Canterbury (UK)
  • Certified Mediator
  • Focus of interest: International and intercultural mediation

Dr. Imke Wulfmeyer

Authorised officer of CONSENSUS GmbH

dr Imke Wulfmeyer is a lawyer, certified and licensed mediator (BM/BAFM) in her own practice and is responsible for mediation training at CONSENSUS Campus in Hamburg and Stuttgart.

Why you should start your training at CONSENSUS Campus:


Real experts - real practical cases

All CONSENSUS trainers are experienced, practicing mediation professionals from the Consensus team, which analyzes processes, develops strategies and carries out tailor-made interventions for customers from business and administration. You come to your training seminar directly from a team building workshop, coaching or business mediation. From time to time you even have the opportunity to sit in on conflict resolution in practice or an in-house workshop. As a result, you learn directly at the interface to practice and benefit from current CONSENSUS cases.


Lots of variety and personal care

At CONSENSUS Campus you will enjoy personal, individual support from your trainers and mentors. We value a lively, entertaining curriculum: Lectures in plenary sessions alternate with interactive exercises and role-playing games. You will be taught by various experts from our team and at the same time have a permanent contact person who will accompany you on your learning journey and, above all, support you with casework. You benefit from the diversity of our team, get to know the different facets of mediation and always have a common thread.


Mediation training 4.0

At CONSENSUS Campus we prepare you for the most important future trends in mediation. This includes mediation in agile structures as well as live online mediation, which has suddenly become indispensable due to the Corona crisis and is becoming increasingly important in the market. We teach you essential digital skills in our virtual classroom even during basic training. The personal encounter on site is and remains the focus of our training. With our innovative blended learning concept, you will learn the most important methods so that you can work empathetically with conflicting parties as a mediator in real and virtual space. So you are crisis-proof and fit for the future.


Find your own practical cases: We will help you!

Towards the end of the training, prospective mediators are particularly concerned with one question: How do I get my first cases now? To support you in this, our trainers, who are experienced mediators in various areas such as business, science, psychology and law, are available for exchange. In addition, CONSENSUS Campus cooperates with mediator-machen.de, a specialized online search portal for mediation. As a CONSENSUS Campus graduate, you have the opportunity for one year to be listed with a personal profile, your photo and the link to your homepage on the respected platform www.mediator-machen.de, in the upscale contract model "Profi" including extended search functions. In this way you increase your chances of gaining practical experience as a mediator in the shortest possible time, of finding your recognition case for initial certification and/or other cases for obtaining your title.


University certificate

Our training courses are certified by the ISM International School of Management. After successful completion, participants receive a university certificate, which is awarded by CONSENSUS and the ISM.


International orientation and networking

The CONSENSUS team is active throughout Europe (Erasmus+ project) and internationally (international mediation training) and teaches in several major German cities. As the first training institute in Germany, we are proud to be pioneers in the adaptation of international standards in our mediation training and to be part of an international network connected by the International Mediation Institute (IMI). Our training courses are certified by the IMI. This makes you part of an extensive network of alumni and CONSENSUS mediators who maintain a lively collegial and professional exchange even after completing the training. In addition to the German-language courses, we are the only training institute in Germany to also offer English-language mediation training. As part of the mediation training, we promote intercultural competence and thinking outside the box.


Scientifically based curriculum

Together with experts from the field, renowned scientists design your curriculum and attend your training seminar. In this way, we ensure that you are provided with the latest findings from communication science, psychology and mediation research. Not only do you get a toolbox, you also get a deep understanding of how and why your methods work.


After the training you will become part of our alumni network!

Networking and regular training are free for our alumni! After completing your mediation training, you will become part of a far-reaching, international network of CONSENSUS campus alumni, the International Mediation Campus alumni and CONSENSUS mediators, who exchange professional and collegial information. Again and again we offer alumni evenings in virtual space and on site at our locations. We invite our alumni exclusively and free of charge to moderated peer supervision or exciting webinars on various topics related to mediation and conflict management. Of course, we will issue you with further training certificates for participation, which you need to obtain the title "certified mediator". If you would like to go further in depth or specialize after completing your training, we offer advanced and advanced courses for a fee, e.g. B. Mediation in business and organizations, family mediation or coaching for mediators. In this way, you can obtain a qualification that goes beyond the “certified mediator”, e.g. B. according to the standards of the Quality Association Mediation (QVM) founded by the five leading professional associations.

Supported by:

International School of Management

Who are our courses for?


Leading is conflict resolution! This applies all the more to the extent that hierarchical structures are relativized or dissolved. In project teams, when working in cross-company groups, it is increasingly important to achieve solutions that go beyond the hierarchical enforcement of formal power. This requires special skills to understand different perspectives and ultimately to develop solutions that are lasting and viable because they are supported by everyone involved.

Companies & Organizations

Companies and organizations from all sectors and fields of activity benefit from specific professionalization concepts and further training offers for their employees that are aligned with the corporate strategy.

Companies and organizations can cost-effectively develop the skills and potential of their managers and employees with unique professionalization quotas.

Conflict solvers & mediators

For mediators who have already completed further training and want to further deepen their knowledge within the framework of the legally prescribed further training, there are innovative further training and in-depth topics tailored to current requirements.

People who want to decide on well-founded further training to become a certified mediator with a focus on business │interest management will find a detailed description of the further training content, dates, prices and additional options offered by the Consensus Campus here.

Independent Entrepreneurs

As a self-employed entrepreneur, you may be in project and price negotiations with larger companies and face trained buyers. Or you are in the middle of a project and there are massively different opinions about the type and scope of the tasks and their execution. With well-founded further training in negotiation and interest management, you will be able to solve even difficult situations in a practical and objective manner.

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