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Training as in-house conflict controller

An effective form of prophylactic conflict work in the company is the training of internal company employees to become conflict controllers.


The CONSENSUS CAMPUS is part of the CONSENSUS Group. With the three pillars CAMPUS, ANALYTICS and INTERVENTIONS, the CONSENSUS Group deals with three aspects essential for the management and organisational development of companies that complement and reinforce each other. CONSENSUS thus offers companies a comprehensive range of services to answer all questions in the field of leadership and organizational development – scientifically founded and proven through extensive practical experience.


Become a mediator Stuttgart, Berlin and MunichThe Consensus CAMPUS is a competent professionalisation partner and service provider with a focus on interest management, leadership and employee development and organisational development and offers an excellent opportunity for people to acquire the latest knowledge and experience to master the current challenges of our time.


Consensus AnalyticsHere, operational processes and “leadership phenomena” or the effects of leadership on corporate success are analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively.

Example of a concrete analytics assignment:’
We have different sickness rates in different, comparable departments. What are the reasons for this?

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Consensus InterventionsBased on the results from the ANALYTICS division, the planning and implementation of targeted, effective interventions is carefully coordinated with the customer. These lead to measurable improvements in the status quo.




Mediation Training Stuttgart, München and BerlinCompanies and organisations in all sectors and fields of activity benefit from specific professionalisation concepts and further training opportunities for their employees that are geared to their corporate strategy.

Quotas for companies and organisations
Companies and organizations can cost-effectively further develop the competencies and potential of their executives and employees with unique professionalization quotas.


CONSENSUS ManagementLeadership is conflict resolution! This applies all the more to the extent that­ hierarchical structures become relative or dissolve. In project teams, when working in­ cross-company­ groups, it is increasingly important to­ achieve­ solutions beyond­ the hierarchical enforcement of formal power. This requires special skills in order to­ understand­ different points of view­ and ultimately develop solutions that­ are lasting and sustainable because they are supported by all those involved.

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CONSENSUS Conflict MediatorsFor mediators who have already completed further training and wish to further deepen their knowledge within the framework of the legally prescribed further training, innovative further training and specialisation topics tailored to current requirements are available.

Link to further education and in-depth courses for mediators.

People who want to decide for a well-founded further education to become a certified mediator with a focus on business │interest will find here a detailed description of the further education contents, dates, prices and additional possibilities offered by the Consensus Campus.


CONSENSUS Independent EntrepreneursAs an independent entrepreneur, you may be involved in project and price negotiations with larger companies and sit opposite trained buyers. Or you are in the middle of a project and there are massive differences of opinion about the type and scope of the tasks and their execution. With a well-founded training in negotiation and interest management, you will be able to solve even the most complicated situations in a practical and objective way.

Here you can go directly to the professionalization offer for self-employed entrepreneurs.
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Networking Event “CONSENSUS Campus Alumni & Friends” 

Information und Inspiration regarding Mediation.
News about offers by CONSENSUS.

An evening for all former and current participants* and all who are interested in the next CONSENSUS mediation training course.

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We congratulate ALL THE ABSOLVENTS of the mediation training to the SUCCESSFUL CONCLUSION on 20.10.2019.
A great performance!
Andrea Hartmann-Piraudeau, CEO CONSENSUS Group



In addition to the lecturers in the team, outstanding personalities from business and science share their personal experiences with the participants in key notes, discussion rounds and interactive workshops.

Prof. Dr. Ewald Krainz is the scientific director of the Consensus Mediation Training and Further Education for Mediators. Habilitation on “The Morphology of the Social World”, then Professor of Group Dynamics and Organizational Development at the University of Klagenfurt.

Prof. Dr. Frank Brettschneider, since 2006 holder of the chair Communication Science at the University of Hohenheim, informs you about his research results on the comprehensibility of communication during an afternoon discussion.

Uwe Bork is an award-winning journalist, filmmaker and author.
He leads a lecture and discussion on the topic: Comparative Thoughts on Conflict Resolution Procedures in Different Religions.

Christian Prior since 1996 management consultant, organization developer, academic conclusions in electrical engineering, Germanistik and Psychologie, author of the book Klärungshilfe 3 – the practice book, over which Friedemann Schulz of Thun says that it is exciting, touching and instructive. He informs you at certain times about the effect and introduction of institutionalized team discussions.