Become an expert in conflict resolution and mediation.

With CONSENSUS, you receive

  • a part-time training as a certified mediator
  • a course certified by the International School of Management, a university of applied science
  • an internationally certified training by the International Mediation Institute

Training to become a Certified Mediator based on the German Regulation (ZMediatAusbV).

3 Certifications for the mediation training

Those who complete a mediation training at CONSENSUS CAMPUS receive

  • the certificate “Certified Mediator” according to the German Regulation (ZMediatAusbV)
  • a university certificate for mediation training (awarded by ISM International School of Management and CONSENSUS)
  • a certificate of recognition of the international standards of the training (certified by IMI International Mediation Institute)

Part-time training

We offer an excellent opportunity for people to acquire the latest knowledge and experience to master the current challenges of our time. Our training formats allow participants to complete mediation training part-time and to become certified in conflict resolution and mediation nationally and internationally.

Experienced experts

Our lecturers come from different disciplines: law, psychology, economics, science, international relations, communication sciences, social sciences and more. All lecturers are active mediators and share their personal experiences in different mediation fields (business, workplace, family, etc.) with you in our courses.

International School of Management

Become a certified mediator with CONSENSUS Campus

Become a Certified Mediator in Germany

120 HOURS, 5 Modules, 6 months

Mediation Training to become a “Certified Mediator” in Germany

Become an internationally certified mediator (English)

40 HOURS Live online training in 12 weeks

International online mediation training.

Your contact persons

We are here to help

Alexandra Kieffer

Alexandra Kieffer is responsible for training supervision / coordination at CONSENSUS Campus. She will be happy to answer any questions you have about our educational offer.

Your advantages as a mediator

Internationally qualified

Individuals who successfully complete our training program are eligable to become IMI Qualified Mediators: As the first training institute in Germany, we are proud to be pioneers adapting international standards in our mediation training and being part of an international network connected through the International Mediation Institute.


Get started as a manager

Conflict competence distinguishes successful managers. This enables you to confidently guide your team through change processes, prevent conflicts and jointly develop interest-based solutions.

Reach people with communication

Thanks to your in-depth understanding of communication and your proven methodological skills, you are able to initiate dialogue processes, whether in the private sphere, in business or in society.
International School of Management

University Certificate

Upon successful completion of the mediation training at CONSENSUS Campus, you will receive a university certificate awarded by the ISM International School of Management, one of the best universities for business in Germany and CONSENSUS.

Conquer a new professional world

With the legally protected professional practical qualification as a certified mediator, you expand your portfolio as a freelancer and your application options in the company. Conflicts know no borders – good communication opens a new world!

Find added value in conflicts

Well-founded knowledge from mediation training helps to understand the nature of a conflict and to reveal its development potential. In this way, conflicts can be used to initiate important change processes.

Direction in conflict

Conflicts arise and escalate according to clear screenplays. A change of perspective or a reframing in a different light can lead to a plot twist with a surprising solution.

Leading in negotiations

As a mediator, you are an accomplished negotiating professional. They analyze psychological patterns, expose the real interests behind rigid positions and are well equipped with creative methods to achieve optimal results.

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We answer all questions about the course of the training, the content, the requirements and also generally about the skills of a mediator.

What our graduates say:

"A strong format, paired with optimal course support, has made mediator training an absolute win for me. I am fit for mediation. Thanks to the whole CONSENSUS team."

Christina Ehms
Graduate of the training course to become a certified mediator, April 7, 2019

I liked the various offers in the modules best. The techniques have been explained or demonstrated so well that I am already incorporating many into my work.

Rotraud Konca
Certified mediator. Head of Equal Opportunities Office at the University of Hohenheim, 02.09.2018

The different lecturers, varied seminar days and the different backgrounds of the participants make the course particularly great and worth experiencing. On the side of CONSENSUS there was an open ear for all questions and concerns.

Ann-Kathrin Balle
Graduate training course - certified mediator, February 2020

Varied and exciting topic modules, carried out by very competent trainers, have made mediation training a great pleasure.

Eva H.
Graduate training course - certified mediator, February 2020

In mediator training, care was taken to ensure that all participants were actively involved in the tasks, discussions and practical cases. It was also possible to bring in own case studies from everyday work.

Vanessa H.
Graduate training course - certified mediator, February 2020

An excellent deepening of my competence in dealing with conflicts in working life. Helps to learn specific instruments. But also practice from a meta perspective with a helpful look at embedding the conflict. Recommendable!

Ute G.
Graduate training course - certified mediator, February 2020

I found this training really successful. It absolutely met my expectations. It will have a lasting effect in my life. I realized how important it is to respond to interests and needs and how different the perceptions can be.

Thomas Tröster
Graduate mediation training Stuttgart, February 2020

The team of lecturers is extremely competent and experienced. In addition to knowledge, tips & practical examples, we were also provided with above-average snacks, cakes, coffee and drinks. Thank you for the exciting & pleasant time!

Felix B.
Graduate in mediation training Stuttgart, February 2020

One of the most valuable trainings in my life. Both privately and in business, a new way in which conflicts can be solved methodically and practically. It confirms how much the focus is on people and their needs.

Graduate of the mediation course Stuttgart, February 20200

I liked the course very much because not only theory but also a lot of practical exercises were done to be able to apply the theoretical knowledge. It was very varied and educational.

Natalie P.
Graduate in mediation training Stuttgart, February 2020

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