New: Consensus Campus offers short coaching training especially for mediators!

Mediation is nothing more than simultaneous coaching of several conflict parties with the aim of helping them to find a solution that is acceptable to everyone. Mediators are also coaches, even under difficult conditions. The methodological toolbox that is taught in the training for both professions accordingly shows strong overlaps. An important difference: In contrast to the profession of mediator, which has been regulated by the Mediation Act and, since 2017, by an ordinance, the professional title “Coach” does not enjoy any legal protection. Everyone could call themselves that, while in the field of mediation there is now the legally protected title of “Certified Mediator”. In order to be able to lead this, a qualified training of at least 120 attendance hours according to a detailed regulated training canon has to be proven, as well as a separate practical case with supervision.
Theoretically, mediators could also act as coaches, and some of them dare to do so without further ado. Starting from scratch with a coaching apprenticeship only makes sense for a few, since the content of the apprenticeship, especially the conversation techniques, overlap considerably. On the other hand, many mediators would like to expand their coaching skills to other settings, since mediation training has a strong focus on conflict situations, while one-on-one interviews are mostly marginal. So what could be more obvious than building on the skills you have acquired and offering an advanced coaching course for graduates in qualified mediation training?
Having mediation and coaching on offer at the same time opens up completely new professional opportunities, especially when it comes to employment in commercial companies or organizations such as B. clinics or universities. When it comes to change processes, team building and leadership development, there are often smooth transitions between the two offers. For lawyer mediators who have recognized the future potential of cooperative practice, it should also be extremely appealing to expand their range of services and their cooperative network with coaching as an additional competence.

Consensus Campus has recognized the need for compact coaching training based on mediation training with high quality standards. With experienced trainers, a training concept that is carefully tailored to the needs of this clientele, and interactive lessons in small groups, mediators can acquire the desired skills in systemic individual coaching as part of a 30-hour specialization, divided into four full-day modules. The demand is so great that the news has spread like wildfire and there are already waiting lists for the first advanced coaching course before the new offer has been officially announced.
Now make a quick reservation at and secure a place for the first short coaching training on the Consensus Campus!