We are proud and excited to announce that the CONSENSUS Campus mediation training program is recognised as an International Mediation Institute Certified Mediator Training Program (CMTP).

The International Mediation Institute (IMI) is a non-profit initiative driving transparency and standards in mediation, worldwide. With the Vision of Professional Mediation Worldwide: Promoting Consensus and Access to Justice, the IMI sets and achieves high mediation standards, convenes stakeholders and parties, promotes understanding and adoption of mediation, and disseminates skills for parties, counsel, and mediators.

As the first training institute in Germany, we are proud to be pioneers adapting international standards in our mediation training and being part of an international network connected through the International Mediation Institute.

Individuals who successfully complete our training program will be recognised as IMI Qualified Mediators: Mediators who have begun their professional career by completing certified IMI training meeting IMI’s independent training standards.

The mediation training will qualify them to be internationally recognised as certified mediators meeting high standards.

IMI Standards cover a wide range of competencies, a great amount of practical exercises and feedback as well as supervision by experts from different working fields of mediation. The Certified Mediator Training Program provides theoretical knowledge of mediation, mediation skills and self-awareness. The structure and processes of the training program ensure that individuals who successfully complete our training program will be excellency prepared to work as a certified mediator in different areas.

IMI’s quality standards are established and maintained by IMI’s Independent Standards Commission (ISC), a 70+ strong body of users including highly experienced mediators, leading judges, providers, trainers and educators from 27 countries.