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TRAINING TO BECOME A CERTIFIED MEDIATOR with a focus on strategic mediation/ interest management


Leadership is conflict resolution! This is all the more true when hierarchical structures are modified or dissolved. In project teams and when working in cross-company groups, it is increasingly important to resolve conflicts beyond the hierarchical enforcement of formal power. Special skills are required to diagnose a conflict, to understand the different perspectives on it and to develop a solution at the end. This solution will only be permanent if it is supported by all participants.

Conflicts belong to the everyday life of every company, every executive and every entreprenuer. Conflicts are not necessarily a bad thing, but – apart from “pathological” developments – simply express the different interests and viewpoints of the participants. Conflicts are essential for achieving progress: without critical discussions, innovation and advances would not be possible.

The skills needed to turn a conflict into an added value can be learned and practiced. Mediation as a structured process for the constructive resolution of conflicts is the world’s most recognized method for resolving conflicts without the use of power and hierarchy, but through arguments, negotiation, by identifying the interests and needs behind stubborn positions and by finding  a solution that merges the seemingly incompatible interests of the conflict parties.

For the first time in Germany, Consensus Campus offers an English-language training to become a certified mediator.

The course is particularly aimed at a highly qualified international audience looking for professional reorientation in Germany. By adhering to the requirements of the German Mediation Act (Mediationsgesetz) and the Certified Mediator Training Ordinance (Zertifizierte-Mediatoren-Ausbildungsverordnung) while being taught in English, it paves the way to a professional degree recognized by the German state. At the same time, it offers a unique opportunity for professionals from all over the world to combine their competence, whether in law, business, in the health or psycho-social sector, with a valuable toolbox to keep up with the changing realities of work.

Over a period of six months, up to ten people from different cultural and professional backgrounds will attend five three-day modules. Each training unit offers a lively mix of scientifically-based presentations, interactive exercises and role play sessions based on real conflicts, followed by a detailed review. Dr. Isabell Lütkehaus and Dr. Greg Bond are going to lead the first English language training course for certified mediators (m/f/d) under German law, supported by Dr. Andrea Hartmann-Piraudeau and Dr. Imke Wulfmeyer. Dr. Isabell Lütkehaus, certified and licensed mediator (BM, BAFM), supervisor/coach (DGSv), experienced mediation trainer and renowned author, will be present as a trainer at each of the five three-day modules, thus ensuring a consistent thread running through the entire training course. For more information on the Consensus Campus team of trainers and lecturers, see https://consensus-campus.de/en/lecturers/. After the successful completion of this mediation training in combination with a practical mediation case supervised by a senior coach or mediator, you will earn the right to use the title „Zertifizierter Mediator/Zertifizierte Mediatorin (ZMediatAusbV)“. This way, the Consensus Campus Mediation Training follows a dual approach to facilitate the career of international professionals in Germany: firstly by enhancing their leadership and conflict management skills and secondly by providing them with a legally recognized professional qualification. With these accomplishments, our certificate holders are excellently prepared for a career as an executive, a consultant or a mediator in their own private practice.

We wish all participants of this training a lot of joy and great success for their careers!


The Consensus Campus Mediation Training is one of the best practical and scientifically based training courses you can attend, because

  • the experienced lecturers consistently convey content professionally, so that you can apply it immediately in your everyday life. Consensus has its own Business Line – Consensus Interventions. There, all conflict resolution interventions from daily work for companies, NGOs and interest groups are conceived, individually adapted, scientifically evaluated for their effectiveness and constantly further developed.
  • you receive the latest findings from scientific work and organisational psychology presented to you so that you can use them directly in your everyday work.
  • by integrating the Consensus Campus into the Consensus Group, you can, if possible, observe a Consensus project (mediation, moderation, conception, team workshop, look behind the scenes…) and use these valuable experiences directly in your own environment. Usually, you will be offered this opportunity during your training or the following year.
  • when you book our add-on practice package, we guarantee that within one year of completing the basic course we will provide you with your own mediation or co-mediation case with subsequent supervision, so that together with the training course you meet all the requirements to hold the title of certified mediator according to the ZMediatAusbV.
  • as Consensus Campus alumni, you have the exclusive and free opportunity to be listed on the platform https://konsens-fuer-alle.de/ and thus increase your chances of gaining practical experience as a mediator in the shortest possible time, finding your case for recognition for the first certification and/or further cases for obtaining your title.
  • after the completion of your training, you are able to deal constructively with exceptional situations, such as conflicts with colleagues, in the team, with employees and in your private life, and to bring about successful business solution
  • University degree and/or at least five years’ relevant professional experience
  • Minimum age 26 years
  • Curriculum vitae submission
  • Positive admission interview
  • Very good knowledge of the English language

The participation fee for the training course to become a certified mediator with a focus on strategic mediation and interest management totals € 3,675.00. Payment in four installments is possible. Whoever pays the total amount within 14 days after billing at once, receives 75.00 € discount. The training course is exempt from VAT.


14.08. – 16.08.2020
04.09. – 06.09.2020
09.10. – 11.10.2020
06.11. – 08.11.2020
04.12. – 06.12.2020


Day 1: 2 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Day 2: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Day 3: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

A seminar room is always reserved for you onthe 1st training day from 09:30 – 13:00. So you can, if you want, do your peer group work there.
The training ends with the ceremonial presentation of the final certificates.


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Contact Training Office:
Sabrina Beichter and Alexandra Kieffer │ willkommen@consensus-campus.de │ 0800 333 7707 (free of charge)

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