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An effective form of prophylactic conflict work in the company is the training of internal company employees to become conflict controllers.

CONSENSUS has developed a programme that trains employees so that they can take on the following conflict prevention tasks:

    1. Conflict controllers serve their colleagues as first contact persons if they have a conflict;
    2. Conflict controllers can clarify small (little escalated) conflicts as “third parties” themselves;
    3. Conflict controllers can assess the degree of escalation of a conflict and know which measures make sense in order to pacify the conflict;
    4. The conflict management skills of conflict controllers experience shows that a new, open corporate culture develops;
    5. Conflict controllers are trained in de-escalating communication and set a good example themselves in their environment;
    6. Being a conflict controller is appreciated by most employees



Selected employees are trained as conflict controllers and learn the skills to recognize and classify conflicts and techniques to resolve conflicts;

The training takes place in small groups (max. 10 employees).

There are 4 blocks of 2 days Training each within a period of 9 – 12 months.

Participants will receive a summary of the content and a confirmation of participation at the end.

The modules are held by different trainers.

Module 1: Conflict types in the company, recognize conflicts, classify conflicts;

Module 2: Mediation and further clarification procedures, procedures and techniques;

Module 3: psychological factors of a conflict, basics of perception theory and conflict escalation;

Module 4: practicing learned techniques and reflecting own behaviour;

plus a one-on-one training to reflect on one’s own approach to conflicts and one’s own type of conflict (2 hours per participant).


06.10. + 07.10.2020

08.12. + 09.12.2020

10.02. + 11.02.2020

14.02. + 15.02.2020

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