Moin from Hamburg! Last weekend I got to know the group of the first course in Hamburg and deal with the topics of negotiation strategy and psychological basics with you over the weekend. Birgit Hauser’s input on positions vs. Interests and needs, the GRASP method and characteristics of different negotiation types deepened our understanding as mediators towards the mediands and the analysis of arguments. Franz-Josef Innerhofer gave us an insight into the human brain and thus the psychological basics that need to be understood in order to maintain the trust of the mediators as a mediator and to get to the bottom of the conflict. The theory blocks provided us with further instruments and perspectives to deepen the practice of the different mediation phases. The opportunity to change the training group if you are unable to attend one of the appointments is not only very practical for organizational reasons: getting to know the group in Hamburg has brought with it further ideas, perspectives and food for thought. The range of professions and experiences has been expanded. Thank you for the exciting weekend!