For current reasons: mediation training in times of the corona virus

Digital and international – this is how we started the new decade at Consensus Campus. This course of action is now paying off: the Consensus Campus remains capable of action even in the current crisis and continues to conduct the ongoing training courses to become a certified mediator. In order to comply with the official orders issued at the weekend and because the health of our participants is of course important to us, we are changing our curriculum for the duration of the restrictions and look forward to an innovative blended learning concept at all consensus locations To be able to offer.

Specifically, this means that all modules will take place in our virtual classroom at the scheduled time until further notice. The Consensus Campus comes home to our participants – live and conveniently via the Internet. In addition to a varied program consisting of webinars, self-learning units, small group work and discussions, interrupted by generous breaks, we offer numerous free extra services with a view to the special situation. a. Joker lessons on all Saturdays, an additional 6th module in summer for practical case simulations and individual one-on-one training coaching, either virtually or as a walk & talk in the fresh air.

Official orders: Stuttgart and Hamburg