Leadership is conflict resolution! This applies all the more when hierarchical structures relativize or dissolve. In project teams and when working in groups, it is increasingly important to find conflict solutions beyond the hierarchical assertion of formal power. Special skills are required to recognize a conflict, understand the different perspectives on it and ultimately develop a solution. This solution is permanent if it is shared by everyone involved.

Conflicts are also not bad, but rather expressions of different interests and situations in which the participants are. Conflicts are necessary to achieve progress – innovation and progress would be inconceivable without a critical discussion.

The skills needed to turn a conflict into added value can be learned and practiced. Mediation as a structured process for the constructive settlement of conflicts is the most recognized method worldwide to resolve conflicts without the use of power and hierarchy, but through arguments, negotiation, elaboration of interests and the search for a solution that is as comprehensive as possible for the different interests.

CONSENSUS CAMPUS offers mediation training in which you can learn the techniques of mediation: In interactive modules with our experienced lecturers, you will be provided with theoretical input and diverse practical exercises and prepared for your first mediation.