5/5 modules successfully completed! The last module was devoted to the topic “Your own mediative style”. Birgit Hauser, mediator and lecturer at CONSENSUS CAMPUS, gave the participants the opportunity to raise open questions, respond to individual needs and give everyone and everyone input for developing their own meditative style. In addition, we got an insight into the art of storytelling, a method of mediation, shared our own stories and anecdotes, and tried them out in practical exercises. The solemn conclusion with expert discussion, certificate award and sparkling wine was worthy of the joint learning trip, which has now been undertaken since September. To 12 new mediators! Many thanks to the training manager Dr. Imke Wulfmeyer and the lecturers Birgit Hauser, Franz-Josef Innerhofer, Sabine Schnarrenberger, Dietmar App Andrea Hartmann-Piraudeau and the experts Prof. Dr. Brettschneider (mediation in public space), Anne Rickert (online mediation) and Marisa Price (NLP), who gave interesting insights into different areas of mediation with lectures.

Alexandra Kieffer, participant