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Systemic Individual Coaching for Certified Mediators

in Stuttgart

Mediation is nothing more than simultaneous coaching of several conflict parties with the aim of supporting them in developing a solution acceptable to all. Mediators are also coaches, even under difficult conditions.
The methodological toolbox that is taught in the training courses for both professions has correspondingly strong overlaps. One important difference: in contrast to the profession of mediator, which is regulated by the Mediation Act and, since 2017, by an ordinance, the professional title “coach” enjoys no legal protection whatsoever. Anyone could call themselves such, whereas in the field of mediation there is now the legally protected title of “certified mediator”. In order to be able to lead this mediator, a qualified training of at least 120 attendance hours must be proven according to a training canon regulated in detail, as well as a separate practical case together with supervision.
Theoretically, mediators could also operate as coaches and some of them would dare to do so without further ado. It only makes sense for a few to start coaching training from scratch again, as the content of the training overlaps considerably, especially with the conversation techniques. On the other hand, many mediators would like to extend their coaching competence to other settings, since mediation training has a strong focus on conflict situations, while one-on-one conversations usually occur only marginally. So what could be more natural than to build on the acquired competence and offer graduates of a qualified mediation training a coaching advanced course?
Having mediation and coaching on offer at the same time opens up completely new career opportunities, especially when it comes to assignments in business enterprises or organisations such as clinics or universities.
In change processes, team building and executive development, there are often smooth transitions between the two offers anyway. Also for legal mediators who have recognized the future potential of cooperative practice, it might be extremely attractive to expand their range of services and their cooperative network by coaching as additional competence.
Consensus Campus has recognised the need for a compact, high-quality coaching education based on the mediation training. Through experienced trainers, a training concept carefully tailored to the needs of this clientele and interactive instruction in small groups, mediators can acquire the desired competence in individual systemic coaching within the framework of a 30-hour specialisation, divided into four full-day modules.
  • Completed mediation training (at least one qualified training course of 120 attendance hours according to ZMediatAusbV)
  • Practical experience in mediation or in internal/organisational conflict management
  • Certification according to ZMediatAusbV or licensing as mediator*in BM/BAFM/BMWA (this may be waived in justified exceptional cases)
  • Minimum age 26 years
  • Curriculum vitae submission
  • Positive admission interview
The participation fee for the advanced coaching course (30 hours, spread over four seminar days) totals € 990,00.
The training course is exempt from VAT.
  • 27.01. / 28.01.2020
  • 31.01. – 01.02.2020
Frank Glowitz,Diplom-Psychologe and Systemic Supervisor/Coach (DGSv; SG), licensed mediator and trainer BAFM and BM. Managing Director of Polylux Organisationsberatung ().
On all four days from 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.
The training ends with the ceremonial presentation of the final certificates.
CONSENSUS GmbH │ CONSENSUS Campus │ Königstraße 40 │ 70173 Stuttgart
Sabrina Beichter and Birgit Wirtz │ willkommen@consensus-campus.de │ 0800 333 7707 (free of charge)

Kursbeginn am 27. Januar 2020

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