Module 4: Law and Justice in Mediation

How is the law introduced into mediation? What weight do legal assessments have within a mediation and is it useful for the median to consult your lawyers?
Dietmar App, lawyer and mediator, gave us an introduction to these questions during module 4. In the context of a role play, we were able to experience and try out the role of the law in mediation in practice. Prof. Dr. Brettschneider gave us further input through his lecture on “Conflict Management in Public Space”, in which he dealt with how to deal with resistance. Anne Rickert, certified and licensed mediator (BM) and head of the Institute Online Mediation (IOM), gave us an introduction to Online Mediation – an online live mediation portal. After a variety of input, Andrea Hartmann-Piraudeau brought a complex case on Sunday on the topic of business mediation in the international area. We were able to try ourselves as mediators, co-mediators and conflict parties and practice phase 1-5 of mediation. A weekend with many insights, knowledge and new practical experiences comes to an end – many thanks to the lecturers and the group!


Alexandra Kieffer, January 2020