Certified mediators can obtain important additional qualifications by means of a coaching advanced course at Consensus Campus from January 2020. See and read the interesting further education offer on our homepage and don’t miss to register.

Here’s an excerpt: Mediation is nothing more than simultaneous coaching of several conflict parties with the aim of supporting them in developing a solution acceptable to all. Mediators are also coaches, even under difficult conditions. The methodological toolbox that is taught in the training courses for both professions has correspondingly strong overlaps. One important difference: in contrast to the profession of mediator, which is regulated by the Mediation Act and, since 2017, by an ordinance, the professional title “coach” enjoys no legal protection whatsoever. Anyone could call themselves such, whereas in the field of mediation there is now the legally protected title of “certified mediator”. In order to be able to lead this mediator, a qualified training of at least 120 attendance hours must be proven according to a training canon regulated in detail, as well as a separate practical case together with supervision.

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